How to Build an Amazing Full-Sized Loft Bed

DIY, loft bed - full-sized loft bed, loft bed with desk, loft bed with shelves, bedroom ideas, bed ideas, full-sized bedI could not be more excited to show you my nephew’s loft bed!  I think it turned out AMAZING, but more important, he loves it!

It was a project that, in a way, started a couple of years ago.  My twin brother saw a loft bed and thought it was a fun idea for his boy’s bedrooms.  A lightbulb went off in my head!

So here we are, two years and three loft beds later!  We weren’t going to stop until all the kids had one. Don’t forget to check out the others!  My oldest nephew waited the longest, but I think he got a deluxe version.

We had been talking about redoing his room for a while, but started making plans at the beginning of the year.  My brother is a farmer, so this project needed to be done before farming began.  We consolidated our ideas to form a game plan.  My nephew particularly had quite the detailed expectations for this bed.

DIY, loft bed - full-sized loft bed, loft bed with desk, loft bed with shelves, bedroom ideas, bed ideas, full-sized bed

I sat down one day to draw plans for this bed and I went in search of the plans for the ladder that we put on my boys’ loft beds.  There it was.  Right on Ana White’s website.  Plans for a loft bed with some of the same elements we wanted to build. So, I adjusted it to accommodate a full-size bed and we were off.  These plans got us started and saved me a ton of time!  Thank you, Ana White!

Here is a link to Ana’s plans we used as a starting point.  She has separate plans for the loft bed, large bookcase, and small bookcase and desk.  Ana’s plans are for a twin loft bed, but can easily be converted to a full size by adding 15″ to all the boards that run parallel to the ends.

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Besides the size, we changed a few other things to accommodate our needs.  For instance, we moved the ladder and made one bookshelf asymmetrical to add some pizzazz.  I don’t make a cut list since my brother likes to change things on the fly.  He really loves Ana’s plans because she color codes the boards that shouldn’t be glued.  This is so you can take the loft bed apart if you need.  That works great for my brother since he builds the bed in his shop and moves it into the house.  He recently got new carpet in his house and easily took apart his other loft bed and moved it.

DIY, loft bed - full-sized loft bed, loft bed with desk, loft bed with shelves, bedroom ideas, bed ideas, full-sized bed

My brother set to work and built this awesome loft bed.  We used some teamwork and our paint sprayer to paint this bed a dark gray using Behr alkyd paint in Midnite Hour from Home Depot.  It is an enamel paint that hardens like oil paint, but cleans up with water.  It definitely dries harder than latex paint, but it took days to fully harden.  We started to worry, but it finally cured.  Overall, I think that paint will hold up really well.

FYI, there are no affiliate links in this post.  All links are provided for your convenience and do not benefit me financially in any way.  I just want you to build a fantastic loft bed!

I’m really proud of the job my brother did on this bed.  I think it is everything my nephew imagined it would be and the goal was always to give him a unique and special room.  Check back for the post on his “baseball wall” and our other DIY projects.  It’s coming soon!

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